dm drogerie

Dm drogerie focus on the retail sale of a range of toiletries and household items along with complementary products in self-service stores.

  • In dm, you will find a wide range of body, hair and skin care products, decorative cosmetics, cosmetics for men, organic food, natural cosmetics, pet food, baby care and infant food products.
  • Photography processing services and a wide range of photo gifts are available. Dm offers attractive loyalty programs in the form of dm active beauty world of advantages and dm babybonus.
  • A diverse range of typical toiletries and household products from all of the best known brands in dm is enhanced with dm own brands, which are a straightforward option if you are looking for items with the quality of brand products but at low prices.
  • Dm already has 23 own brands:  alverde, babylove, Balea, Balea men, dm Bio, Das gesunde Plus, Dein Bestes, Denkmit, Dontodent, ebelin, Fascíno, Jessa, Paradies, Prinzessin Sternenzauber, Profissimo, s.he, S-quitofree, Sanft&Sicher, SauBär, Saugstark&Sicher, Soft&Sicher, Sundance and Visiomax.

Other services:

  • Payment by card
  • Photography processing services
  • Possibility of buying gift vouchers

Opening hours

Mo - Su: 8:00 - 20:00

Phone: +420 800 100 808